6 Awesomely Nerdy DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids


Buying your own Halloween costumes these days is quite the racket. $40 for a cheap piece of rayon your kids will only use for one night? Even if you have smaller kids coming down the pipeline that may use the costumes one day, that’s still a hefty price to pay considering the prices for normal kids clothes.

Dusting off the sewing machine to make your own costume may seem a little daunting right now, too. The season’s changing, kids are at school, things are getting way busier than you ever remember them being. Who has time to sew their own kids’ Halloween costumes?

Just say no to the Halloween madness!

Here are a few no-sew costume ideas that will still make your kid king of the nerds on Halloween. Of course, the kid Halloween rule still applies that costumes must be warm and kid-approved.

Ash Ketchum from Pokemon


Just when you thought you were done with kids being obsessed with Pokemon, Nintendo announces the release of a new Pokemon game. Oh well, if you can’t beat, ’em, join ’em. Or, more appropriately, catch ’em all.

Here’s some things you’ll need:

Jeans and a white t-shirt (long sleeved is ok if it’s cold out)

Inexpensive blue hoodie

Green gloves (any color will work if you don’t have green)

Red baseball cap

White and yellow fabric (white can be from an old t-shirt)

Gluegun and/or safety pins

Green marker

Cut the fingers off the gloves, and the arms off the hoodie. Use your glue gun or safety pins to attach a white front panel to the red hat, and a black sharpie marker to create your kid’s favorite Ash hat design on the front of the cap. Sometimes it’s like the one above, it varies and can sometimes look like this:


If you want to make a few Pokeballs for Ash to carry around, you can  use styrofoam balls (from the dollar store) and some paint or permanent markers.



fox costume coat

As far as no-sew goes, the fox costume would be better with a sewn and stuffed tail, but a glue gun will suffice.

What you need:

Red and white felt


Glue gun

Safety Pins

A red hoodie or jacket and some red leggings or pants.

Create the ears and tail by cutting out the forms you want from the red/orange felt and glue gunning the sides, leaving one side open. Stuff the tail and ears with the stuffing, and use the glue gun to add white accents. Pin the tail and ears onto clothing, and pin a white circle to the tummy. Bam, instant, easy fox. It’s my current rule in life to never pass up a chance to link this video, so here you go. Show this to your kids as they’re getting dressed on the big night to pump them up for their foxy adventures.



The only items that really need detailed attention on your kids’ superhero costumes are the capes and masks. The rest can be any combination of items found in the closet, like t-shirts, leggings and rainboots. A kid’s cape can be as detailed as you like, and involving them in the decision making process can add a personal touch.

If Anna wants to become Super Anna Banana, for example, you can buy three different colors of fabric and cut one to be the large part of the cape and the others to be a shield or circle surrounding a cut out “A” or even a banana shape. For a no-sew cape, just use your handy dandy glue gun. Make sure to cut out a bandit-style mask to complete the ensemble, checking that the eye-holes are big enough for safe nighttime visibility.



You always knew your baby was your little unicorn in disguise, so it only makes sense that their true form would manifest itself into a Halloween costume. For a no-sew unicorn costume, you’ll need to whip out that old glue gun.

Stuff you might need:

Empty paper towel role

Fabric (1 light, 1 dark)

Safety Pins

Thin Ribbon

To make the horn, cut your paper towel roll in half and re-roll it so there’s a point at the end. Wrap the lightly colored fabric around it and attach with the glue gun. Take the ribbon and wrap it around, like a maypole, securing with glue as you go.

For hooves, cut out the hoof shape like the photo above, and attach with safety pins to the inside of sleeves and pant hems.

If you want to add a mane, just take some left over fabric, fold it in half, and snip snip snip to make hair, not cutting all the way down. Attach to the hoodie with some safety pins.

Frida Kahlo


This costume is all about the makeup, and is totally no-sew and no-glue. All you need is to round up fun, colorful items from your own closets, pick up a few silk flowers from the dollar store, and put your makeup and hair skills to the test. Braid her hair from both sides and pin it up, adding a crown of flowers. Use an eyeliner pencil or some dark eyeshadow to make Frida’s signature brow and faint mustache.

For an adorable extra, have your daughter do her best to copy one of Frida’s work on a little canvas (also found at the dollar store) to carry around with her. Instead of “trick-or-treat,” teach her a few Frida quotes like “feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?” or “my painting carries with it my message of pain.”

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