6 Awesomely Unique Baby Cribs

If you Google search “nerdy cribs,” you’re going to see tons of blogs about how Star Wars fans have beautified their houses, like “Dude, check out the Boba Fett wallpaper I just put up in my crib. Chicks are gonna love it!” Or the results might help you match your periodic table shower curtain to some hand towels. These are great things, but right now I am more concerned with the nerdy crib your infant will use. This crib should, in fact, be an actual crib. And you can create a baby hangout space that reflects your offspring’s personality. Or, you know, the stuff you like that you hope she will like too. Check out these beauties:

1. Cage Crib


If you dress your baby in a lot of Victorian era and goth clothes, or bird costumes, this graceful metal cage crib, by Posh Tots, is for you. Imagine draping it with a lot of purple orchids and vines, a Nightmare Before Christmas mobile, and rocking your babe to sleep with Danny Elfman playing in the background. The circular crib comes in multiple colors, from gold to verdigris.

2. Automatic Rocking Crib


For gadget-loving parents — or the ones who are just seriously sleep deprived — a Japanese company has developed an automatic rocking crib. The March Development Corporation of Fukuoka designed the crib with sensors that specifically sense a baby cry. The crib then rocks like a soothing parent might: first quickly, then steadily and finally slowly, to ease your baby back to sleep. Ideally a fussy baby will be asleep again in 15 minutes, without you having to get out of bed.

3. Pumpkin Coach Crib


Maybe you own every single Disney and Harry Potter movie, maybe you visit Disneyland multiple times a year, and maybe you read Brother’s Grimm voraciously. If you’re planning to carry on your fairytale obsession as a family tradition, you might want to invest in a Pumpkin Coach crib, by Corsican Furniture. You could adorn the room with plush forest animals and pictures of castles.

4. Doctor Who Crib


A mesmerizing Doctor Who crib, like the one above, might have to be a special DIY project for parents-to-be, or a bespoke order. The beautiful examples found across the Web are original creations, made by expecting parents, or items that are showcased in places like The Doctor Who Experience. If you’re not up to the carpentry, you could design a crib and room with the same theme, using a Doctor comforter, a well-placed mobile and some nursery rhyme wall decals.

5. Nintendo Themed Crib

Nintendo Crib

A plain wooden crib can be turned into any fantasy baby bed, with the right duvet cover, crib décor and room accessories. Put your infant right into her own video game with an old-school comforter and, say, a Super Mario sleeper.


6. Pod Crib

Pod crib

If you and the other grown-ups of your household are architecture junkies, you might check out these pod cribs from the Aussie company ubabub. It’s so sleek, so space-age. This crib also turns into a bed once your child outgrows crib status, and it’s rated eco-friendly. The company has some other neat-o baby designs too.

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