6 Bookish Buys for Baby Bookworms



It’s never too early to instill a love of reading in your baby. A child who dislikes reading might never ride a broomstick with Harry Potter, take part in a riddle contest with Bilbo, or see “radiant” spelled out in the threads of a spider’s web.

Help your baby fall in love with reading from the get-go with these bookshelves, adorable clothing for baby bookworms, and of course, books.


1. AT-AT Bookshelf


If you’re setting up a nursery with a Star Wars theme, look no further than this custom AT-AT bookshelf crafted by Etsy seller WhittledinWood. Not only is there enough space for books, but the little cubbies in the bookshelf can also hold toys, dolls, or a lightsaber. It just may keep toys off the floor, even if only temporarily. If your loyalties lie with the Galactic Rebellion, there’s even a Millennium Falcon bookshelf available.

The shelves are pricey, but will be well worth it for younglings who are strong in the Force.


2. BabyLit – The Hound of the Baskervilles


For shelves that are amazing, you need yourself some fantastic books to put on them – and the BabyLit series by Jennifer Adams fits the bill perfectly. These sturdy board books use classic tales like Pride and Prejudice and The Hound of the Baskervilles to talk to babies about basic concepts like counting and sounds.

You’ll even find some unconventional tales to serve as a primer for baby. Moby Dick contains colorful illustrations of not only the books’ characters, but ocean life as well, and Wuthering Heights talks about the weather.

3. Books Are For Reading

Early readers are more like early gnawers. Board books are built tough to withstand the gums, spit, and eventually tiny chompers of the littlest bookworms, but most take a tooth-marked beating. Suzy Becker’s Books Are For Reading has a solution – rubber book corners perfect for teething reading.

The story also reminds little ones that not everything should go into baby’s mouth. While it might fall on deaf ears, babies will definitely start their love of books by being allowed to gnaw on one.


4. Book Eater Onesie


Etsy seller typebaby had the same idea in mind when creating the design for the “Book Eater” onesie. Baby bookworms give “voracious reader” a new meaning when they snuggle up with a book, and there’s no better way to do it in style than with this old onesie.


5. Read to Me Onesie


If your young one already likes to sport a vintage style, this blue onesie demands attention – and reading. The “Read to Me” onesie from Etsy seller TheCoinLaundry is simple but eye-catching, and no one who sees your bundle of joy can resist grabbing a bundle of books to follow its command.


6. Storytellers Hoodie


As chilly fall weather approaches, your baby bookworm might need to cover up. This soft, adorable “Storytellers” hoodie from Threadless has your little one covered. A rowdy but familiar cast of characters grace the back of the zip-up sweatshirt, featuring some of literature’s greatest heroes that your baby is going to adore one day.

From a bookish Harry Potter to Gandalf, nerdy parents will also love staring at some of their lifelong friends on this cute hoodie.


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