6 Cool & Unique Animal Nightlights for Tykes


No matter your age, it’s always comforting to have someone cute nearby to keep you company at night. For kids, having a night light scare away the darkness is an added bonus, if not a necessity. And, I admit it, I keep the hallway light on at night for me, too. (I never should have watched the Doctor Who episode “Silence in the Library.”)

In the service of those craving nocturnal illumination, we offer a selection of cute, nerdy, unique animal lights.

1. Elephant Lamp

elephant lamp

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. I mean that literally: This gently glowing elephant from Land of Nod makes the perfect nightlight. While you’re tucking the kids into bed, you can flaunt your zoological knowledge by pointing out that the large ears on this elegant elephant make it an African elephant. (Indian elephants have smaller, rounder ears.) It’s always a good idea to let your kids drift to sleep while thinking about how smart you are.

2. Zoo Lamp

Safari Lamp

Speaking of elephants, a pink one joins the fun in the adorable jungle on this zoo lamp from Etsy seller WhimsyHome. The lamp is made with cotton fabric and a wooden base that looks sturdy enough to withstand being knocked down in a kid’s room. The whimsical animals — like the pink elephants — are just right for getting ready to dream a little dream. Unless you’re me, and heffalumps and woozles have haunted your nightmares for years.

Seriously. Still creepy.

3. Owl Lamp


If your little dreamers love to imagine getting their acceptance letters from Hogwarts, a white snowy owl like Hedwig on the bedside table will always be a welcome sight. The porcelain owl lamp from karmakiss helps wizards and Muggles alike drive away the Dementors for a good night’s sleep.

4. Sheep Lamp

Sheep Lamp

Sometimes before bed you just need a laugh to wipe away the stress of a long day, and this playful sheep nightlight from UncommonGoods guarantees the giggles every night before bed. It might be made from recycled glass, but the warm light from this handmade nightlight will feel as cozy as fleece.

5. Scotti Lamp

Lamp Mobile

For a change of pace that adds some whimsy to your child’s room, you can hang the nightlights from the ceiling rather than merely plugging them in the wall. UK-based retailer Not On The High Street offers more than one kind of animal light, but these unique Scottie dog hanging lights give your child’s room personality and warmth.

6. Pup Light

Dog Lamp

Man’s best friend can also be found on the nightstand thanks to Offi’s MyPetLamps, which include a variety of colors to complement any bedroom’s décor. These plastic pups are odorless (unlike real dogs), and provide a soothing glow all night long (just like real dogs).

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