6 Unexpected Toys and Roleplay Items for Little Hobbitses


It’s an exciting time right now for Tolkien fans. While we wait for the next installment in The Hobbit Trilogy to arrive on December 13th, the toy industry has not missed an opportunity to fill the longing in our hearts for more Tolkien-Jackson cinema gold.

Weta Workshop, the very studio that’s responsible for many of the props and visuals in Peter Jackson’s films has made a line of very cool roleplay and decorative items so you and your kids can have a few great pieces of authentic Hobbit loot.


These brass acorn buttons from Weta are exact replicas of the ones that fly off of Bilbo’s vest as he escapes Gollum in the cave. Hopefully your little Bagins will do a better job of hanging onto their waistcoat fasteners.


Thorin’s Map from Weta is an exact replica on parchment of the one created by Thror, grandfather of Thorin Oakenshield. Hidden when looking straight on (but revealed when looking from an angle) are the Moon Runes that play an important part in the story.


Weta’s Key to Erebor is a replica of the key that made its way into the rightful hands of Thorin Oakenshield, giving him hope of regaining his ancestors’ dwarven throne. The key is cast from the same mold that created the original prop key for the film. If you’d like a smaller key, there’s also a pendant.


Bridge Direct, which shared a booth with Weta Workshop at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con, also makes a few stunning Hobbit toys. While the figures from Weta were more of the collector’s statue variety, Bridge Direct’s figures are just right for kids.


Then of course there’s LEGO’s contribution to the world of Hobbit toys. Here’s Bilbo’s Hobbit hole, complete with circular door. Pretty impressive for a bunch of blocks. The set comes with six minifigs, including Bilbo and Gandalf. Of course, the Unexpected Gathering wouldn’t be complete without food, cups, weapons and maps.


Not sure how Funko made this look so cute (it could be the huge eyes) but this ferocious, pitiful Gollum plushie just needs a little love.

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