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7 Ate 9 Game

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Based on the classic joke about why six was afraid of seven, 7 Ate 9 is a fast-paced, frantic card game of number manipulation, where players race to add their cards to the pile until one player is completely out of cards. Each card has two numbers on it, ranging from one to ten. The first, larger number is the base number, and the second, smaller number in the corner is either added or subtracted to the base number to get the card’s total. Each card can only be placed on top of the center pile if it matches the previous numbered card, through addition or subtraction. For example, if the card on the center pile is a 4 with a 2 in the corner, then only a card with a large 2 or 6 on it can be played on top of the pile.

Much like Uno, 7 Ate 9 starts out as a simple concept, but the game can get hectic when it is played at a breakneck pace. The fun of the game is figuring out how fast one can manipulate the numbers, and planning ahead of time which cards might come up. Then someone plays a card that wasn’t expected, and the thought process starts all over again. Easy to play, but fun to master, 7 Ate 9 is a great card game for anyone age 8 and up who likes quick thinking, fast-acting games with friends.

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