7 Items for a Marvel Comics Nursery


Much to the dismay of DC enthusiasts, it seems we’re going to be seeing a lot from the Avengers in the near future. What’s not to love? Most of the movies are amazing (sorry Thor), the super awesome LEGO Marvel Super Heroes game just came out (not to mention the Marvel Heroes MMO), and Ben Affleck isn’t playing Tony Stark anytime soon.

With the animated Hulk and the Agents of Smash and the primetime series The Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D., Marvel’s taking back the small screen. And let’s not forget where it all started: the comics. Just this month, Marvel dropped five new Issue #1’s. We’re pretty sure Marvel has taken over every part of your day except dinner. Oh wait…


Whether you’ve been a true fan since before all the hype or just want your kid growing up into the hero the world needs, we’ve rounded up a few amazing items to S.H.I.E.L.D. your young one from a boring bedroom.

1. Comic Book Minky Blanket


First thing’s first: the all-important blanket. This classic Marvel Comics minky blanket is super soft one one side, and awesomely retro on the other.

2. Spidey Night Light


Even though we all know how brave your little one is, there’s no reason he wouldn’t take a little night-vision assistance. Plug in this personalized Spider-Man night light, just in case.

3. Personalized Name Art


This beautiful dimensional name art will remain awesome in any room your kid lives in as they grow up. You even have your choice of hero on each letter.

If you’re looking for something similar that’s a tad more budget-friendly, just snag a comic-wrapped initial instead.

4. Classic Marvel Comics Room Divider


It took everything I had to not put my credit card number in and buy this puppy. If you don’t have a room to divide, find one!

5. Marvel Baby Crib Mobile


Pick whichever hero you like from Sweet Dream’s Baby Shop on Etsy, and your very own super adorable hand-stitched mobile will arrive on your doorstep. There’s some DC guys in there too. They all look so happy together!

5. Avengers Curtain


You didn’t come all this way to not finish it all off with the perfect curtain, did you? This valance is available from Etsy seller Petite Leon. If you need something a bit longer, check out these Avengers ones from Amazon.

What is the most essential themed decor piece in a nursery? Did we miss something? Tell us in the comments below or in our forums.

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