6 Tetris Items That Will Fit Right In


I’m pretty glad I came into the world when I did. Any earlier, and I would have missed one of the most satisfying feelings mankind has ever experienced: building up two huge, perfect Tetris squares and sliding the single Tetris line down between them to annihilate four rows at once.

Of course, Tetris can also bring the complete opposite feeling when your finger twitches at the last second and your perfect set-up is ruined forever.

Tetris is the great equalizer. Anyone can play it, and everyone loves it. These days you can play Tetris on almost any device, usually for free (if you’re ok with ads) and you can even play against three other people live on Tetris Friends.

Once you’ve gotten your kids hooked, help make your life feel as well put together as the perfect Tetris wall with these great blocky products.

Sandwich Cutter

sandwich cutter


This sandwich cutter will make lunchtime into a game without wasting a lot of bread the way some sandwich cutters do. Use the cutter to make great party appetizers and challenge your guests to a huge game of real Tetris, or use it for all kinds of craft projects. You could even hand it over to the kids during coloring time to use as a stencil.

Magnet Tetris Set


Set up a magnetic Tetris station on your fridge, or any other metallic surface, and take turns dropping the pieces into the puzzle. Grab multiple sets for a bigger game.

Post-It Notes


Leave each other great Tetris-y notes with these sticky pads. I tend to stick sticky notes all over my wall instead of keeping a notebook, and I’m simply salivating over how cool it would be to turn my sticky note wall into a huge Tetris game.



These Tetris crayons are so cool I personally wouldn’t want to ruin them by coloring with them, but I’m sure the kids won’t mind one bit. Maybe you should order an extra pack to keep for yourself.

Tetris Cushions


The easiest way to change up your living room is to change your couch cushions, which means the best way to retro gamer-ize your living room is to get Tetris ones. They fit right in.

Personalized Retro Gameboy Tetris Wall Decal


Hopefully by now you’ve taught your mini gamers all about the big grey original Gameboy. If so, they’ll have an appropriate amount of appreciation for this very cool personalizable decal in the shape of everyone’s favorite handheld Tetris-playing device.

If you’re handy at carpenty, you could even get creative making some Tetris shelving like this guy did.

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