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8-Bit Alphabet Blocks

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In a different era, it was often considered silly to spell words using numbers or images in place of letters. Doing this was an invitation to ridicule, which to be honest, wasn’t very consistent with our species’ history. Human beings have been communicating using pictures since the stone age; so if we want to spell words using the number four as the letter A, we should be able to do so with impunity. Writing in code is the hallmark of nerds, after all.

As long as you’re teaching your kids the alphabet properly, it should be fine if we add in a little bit of picture association and some fun, no? BitBlox Alphabet Blocks feature all the standard letters you’re likely already familiar with, but your young one isn’t. There are numbers peppered in the set, as well as some cute and nerdy, pixelated pictures on the blocks which celebrate learning, growing up, and discovery, with an added nerdy touch. Your kids will liken hearts to love and understanding, while we’ll associate it with having to collect more to survive. Your kids will learn about a power button, while we push the block down, hoping for a hard reset. See, learning can be fun.


  1. Louisville Mama

    as long a s my kid can’t use these to make YOLO. 🙂 Hate that one.

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