9 Reasons Why We Need More Parents Like You


1. You believe in science. Evolution? Check! Climate Change? Check! Space Exploration? Check!



2. You don’t feel the need to schedule every minute of your child’s day. You are a big believer of unorganized play.



3. You read to your child as much as possible. The benefits of reading to toddlers and little kids are incredible.



4. Your children are vaccinated. It embarrasses us that in 2015 we have to include this on the list.

5. Dressing your child in non-gender clothing and promoting history. 

6. During your free time you are interacting with your child and not watching TV or playing on your phone.



7. If the weather is nice you make the kids go outside and play, rather than allowing them to play video games all day.



8. You either don’t (or rarely) feed your child fast food, sugary drinks and candy. Most nights your family eats healthy home cooked meals around a table without gadgets.



9. You know your child’s teacher and are involved with your child’s academics, but don’t do their homework for them.


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