5 Versions of Mario Bros. Theme Your Kids Will Dig

In the world of video gaming, few games are as iconic as Mario Bros., not just for the characters and precedent setting gameplay, but also (maybe more so) for its 8-bit theme song. The overall-wearing Paisans may have their own movie, but the Mario theme, with its shifting rhythms and indelible melody has a cult […]

Eco Friendly Family Transportation

When you have kids, there may come a point where you realize that you need to purchase a family car. You may try to resist, as I did, but reality soon sinks in that you can not cram your car seat into your VW Beetle. Even if you did, the strain on your back getting […]

Educational, Fun and Nerdy Vacation Ideas

The Holidays are over. The sugar rush is wearing off. Now we’ve been shaken from our tryptophan and gratitude-induced coma and survived the holidays with all their joys and stressors (think Black Friday, Aunt Mildred’s constant judgment of your weight, that kind of thing). And then after all that, you can go back to work! […]