Scott Ian Action Figure For Your Tiny Anthrax Fan

If you read the title of this article and couldn’t wait to click and read, then you know why a Scott Ian Action Figure is important. The rest of you are thinking: “Who the eff is Scott Ian?” Well, he was only the founder of ’80s metal titans Anthrax, the crunchiest guitarist on the planet, co-founder of […]

5 Fantasy Action Figures Your Kid Will Fall In Love With

When I was a kid I played with action figures all the time. I would take my Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Marvel, DC and Transformers figures and create a whole new world for them to interact in. Hours were spent pitting good against evil. Unfortunately, I didn’t own that many fantasy genre figures. It was […]

Retro Superheroes: Remembering Our Childhoods With Our Kids

That’s the strange thing about superheroes, to me, anyway: There are so few “new” ones out there. Occasionally a genuinely new superhero will come along, with unique powers and an intriguing backstory. The Incredibles come to mind, that adorable family of reluctant superfreaks who save the planet in their own bumbling way. There’s Finn and […]

Dragon Quest VIII Play Action Figures

Dragon Quest VIII Yangus Action Figure

Every great Hero needs some hired muscle, and it’s even better when that strength character turns out to be a pretty good friend along the way. Yangus started out that way, as a cockney accent-slinging, thieving brigand, until he decided to give it all up and walk the line. This didn’t work for long, but […]

Crysis 2 Nanosuit Action Figure

“Crysis 2,” like its action-packed predecessor, gives its hero a suit of many powers (invisibility, armor, speed, etc.). But those are just the start of what a child might give this NECA-made Nanosuit action figure. Are you cool with your child enjoying an armed protagonist from an M-rated game where you kill mercenaries and aliens […]