3 Fun & Messy Ways To Encourage Kids to Learn

It’s no secret: Children learn faster and retain more when they’re having fun. Though most public educational institutions are dry and stale in their approach to conveying concepts to children, kids somehow find a way to overcome the standardized testing and boring teachers. At home, it doesn’t have to be that way. Parents – the […]

“M” Is For Metal

ABC books for children are a dime a dozen. Some are boring, some are so-so, and occasionally, some will even wow you. For Metal parents, there is an ABC book out there worthy of the latter reaction. Without being overly childish (unironically speaking), “M” Is For Metal is a notable method for learning the fundamentals […]

French ABC Blocks

So your child’s a freaking genius? Stretch that growing brain even further with Uncle Goose’s French ABC Blocks. Regular wooden blocks? Please. These bilingual blocks are the play toys of the future and will help your little one’s growing vocabulary reach as high as La Tour Eiffel. Don’t worry about your tot forgetting their native […]

Rock ‘n’ Roll Alphabet

Thanks greatly in part to one man’s love of Rock & Roll, there’s now a new “twist” on helping your kids learn their ABC’s that doesn’t involve Mother Goose in the slightest. In a fun and engaging way, the photojournalism of renowned rock photographer, Chuck Boyd, and the creativity of music historian, Jeffrey Schwartz, have […]