“Home Movies”: Watch it With Your Teens

Some call it the Dr. Katz for the younger generation. I call it hilarious for anyone. Running from 1999-2004, the Cartoon Network’s Home Movies was an intellectual nerd’s dream. Following main character Brendon, a geeky 8-year-old outcast who makes homemade films with his friends Melissa and Jason, the show originally appealed to adult fans of Katz, Aqua-Teen […]

Final Fantasy: Unlimited

One of the hallmarks of the Final Fantasy series is that each story is a unique, handcrafted tale sewn from the tapestry of the same universe, yet no two journeys are alike. When we were younger we experienced stories that are now considered classics, which imprinted epics on us that we can fondly look back […]

Megaman DVD Collection 1

Before all the spare interchangeable super-parts, before bosses were named after obscure animals, and before arm cannons were called X-Busters and could be charged somewhere between six or seven times, Mega Man was known as the blue bomber. His classic blue and cyan color palette got him through a lot of fights with robot masters […]