Dragon Box App

Dragon Box App

Quick, what’s the best method of getting your kids to engage in a learning activity without getting bored? If your answer was make a game out of it, then you probably had less difficulty teaching your kids than many other parents out there. I don’t blame you, you’re not the only one who feels this […]

Lightboard for iPad

Griffin LightBoard Case

The other day at the doctor’s office, I witnessed a young mom do everything short of juggling to keep her tantrum-throwing toddler daughter from ripping every framed watercolor off the wall. As most of us know, we become much better at withholding judgment once we enter parenthood. There’s some kind of parental karma at work […]

Move The Turtle App

Move The Turtle App

The best thing about learning to program computers is that sense of unlimited raw power that comes from bending a machine to your will. It’s that moment when you realize that you are the computer’s undeniable master. So, when you want to get your kids excited about technology and programming, tap into this innate human […]

Toca Band

Toca Band App

Ermergerd! This is seriously the cutest video for a kids toy that I’ve ever seen (see below)! It makes me want to forget that I still have rent to pay, food to buy, and money to spend on things that normally would have been bought by someone else if I wasn’t as old as I […]

Tap Tap Tap Revenge: Nirvana iOS App

Not that long ago, news arose in the social media world about a possible reuniting of the remaining dudes from Nirvana with Paul McCartney fronting the group. When the announcement spread like viral wildfire, Nirvana enthusiasts’ minds were collectively blown. Taking place at Madison Square Garden in New York City on 12/12/12, in dedication to […]