Bubbles & Creams Gift Pack

The baby’s arrived and you’re up every night at 3am… and 4am… and, oh yeah, 5am, too. So the last thing you want to do is read the packaging on every baby product to make sure it’s safe for your new arrival. You have much better things to do, like fall into the laundry heap […]

Puj Tub

We’ve all got those embarrassing baby photos of Mom bathing us in the sink, but did you ever wonder what was used to keep your squirmy little baby body in place? Yah, we didn’t either until we discovered the Puj Tub. We can hear Nan’s voice now: “We never used a Puj Tub in my […]

Cleanwater Collection Infant Tub

Traditionally, parents have only had a few choices when it came to bathing their infants: fill up a huge bath tub to wash a tiny baby, wash the kid in the sink (which was not twenty minutes ago filled with dirty dishes and bits of last night’s dinner), or buy a plastic bathing tub, which […]