Retro Superheroes: Remembering Our Childhoods With Our Kids

That’s the strange thing about superheroes, to me, anyway: There are so few “new” ones out there. Occasionally a genuinely new superhero will come along, with unique powers and an intriguing backstory. The Incredibles come to mind, that adorable family of reluctant superfreaks who save the planet in their own bumbling way. There’s Finn and […]

Batman Lego Dream Kids Pajamas

Batman Lego Pajama Set

Bat-nanas in pajamas are coming down the stairs! You’re right, that was bad. Let me try again… My wife has a reputation in our family as a pajama connoisseur. Her collection is vast and impressive, representing fabrics and styles and seasons beyond my power to articulate. And as can be expected, she has passed this […]

Batman Tee

Batman, amongst the multitude of super heroes and villains that spring to life from the minds of comic book artists, has a disproportionately large number of fanboys. This can be evidenced by the recent popularity of Christopher Nolan’s films, as well as the ubiquitous bat symbol emblazoned on t-shirts and bumper stickers and coffee mugs. […]