Roll ‘Em: 10 Awesome D20 Products For Kids

Dice, the ultimate random number generator. They hold the power to determine one’s fate in a life-or-death situation. They’ve destroyed armies, aided in the creation of heroes, determined the outcome of wars and let you narrowly avoid the outlandish rent on Park Place because your friend’s an asshole who built a hotel there. Yes, these […]

Space Invaders Bib and Burp Cloth

Who allowed so many of the Space Invader aliens to congregate in one place?! This is way too many aliens! I’m used to five, maybe six rows, tops, and that’s not counting the fact that these rows are much, much longer than anything I’ve ever seen. How are we supposed to shoot all of these […]

My Mom Rocks Baby Bib

Six Bunnies My Mom Rocks Baby Bib

Once upon a time, in a land that wasn’t too different from here, there lived a family of bunnies who knew how to rock. There was Daddy Rocker Bunny, who rocked around the clock for a living and paid the bills by shredding guitar chords and pounding cymbals; Baby Rocker Bunny, who rocked her own […]

4-Piece Gothic Baby Set

Purple is the “true” color of the goth scene. I would say purple and black but I know some of you would argue that black is not a color (that it’s ALL colors!); simply for the sake of arguing, and frankly, I’m too tired and hungover to deal with that, so purple it is. Burgundy […]

Zombie Snack Bib

Over the last few years the nerd culture has been inundated with zombies. Everything from pet zombies, mutant vampire zombies, and even former presidents. Zombies are everywhere and now your infant can get in on the fun with the zombie snack bib. The “zombie snack” bib has two meanings. The obvious one refers to inserting […]

KISS Rock ‘n’ Roll Bib

As scary as it was the first time we saw KISS sans makeup, an even scarier moment (if there is such a thing) is a baby who enjoys throwing butternut squash and dousing themselves in ketchup without the number one tool that effectively guards against food-related fiascos. Without these, newer parents who dine with their […]