Fred’s XYZ Alphabet Blocks

Alphabet blocks have been around since 1693. A beautiful marriage of the woodcutting industry and the printing press, they were the first educational toys designed specifically for children. If everyone from baby Beethoven to baby Darwin to your own baby has played with them, obviously these things have staying power and with good reason. When […]

8-Bit Alphabet Blocks

In a different era, it was often considered silly to spell words using numbers or images in place of letters. Doing this was an invitation to ridicule, which to be honest, wasn’t very consistent with our species’ history. Human beings have been communicating using pictures since the stone age; so if we want to spell […]

Bugs ABC Blocks

There are a lot of creepy-crawlies out in the big world, and many of them can be scary for your really little ones. However, even scary things can be fascinating from a safe distance, and the only reason they’re frightening is because, for many, it’s the first time ever seeing these bugs. We only fear […]

French ABC Blocks

So your child’s a freaking genius? Stretch that growing brain even further with Uncle Goose’s French ABC Blocks. Regular wooden blocks? Please. These bilingual blocks are the play toys of the future and will help your little one’s growing vocabulary reach as high as La Tour Eiffel. Don’t worry about your tot forgetting their native […]

Miller Goodman PlayMaker

Who says blocks have to be boring? Not us, says the people from Miller Goodman—with the people being Zoe Miller and David Goodman, a newly-married British couple who’ve been in the business of creating these exciting wooden blocks since 2008. The Miller Goodman PlayMaker will unleash your child’s imagination, each and every time. Rather than […]

Hape Totter Tower

Everyone knows that all the best philosophers come from Germany (and maybe France). The best toys follow suit. There are many toys you’ll want to check out from the amazing company Hape, but the Hape Totter Tower is the only one that will satisfy your future Cooper Union alum. At first glance, this toy is […]