Vunce Upon A Time Book

Need an excuse to talk in your Transylvanian accent before Halloween? Want to “vamp” up storytime for the kids? Get ready for a childen’s book that will keep them enthralled from start to finish, with Vunce Upon A Time. Brought to you by the well-known author/illustrator team of Olive, the Other Reindeer and the Mr. […]

Interstellar Pig

Ok, yes, the title of the book certainly casts a shadow of doubt as to the quality of the narrative, but don’t let that dissuade you. Absurd as the name is, the writing and story are actually pretty top-notch, and the book has a sort of cult-following that’s been steadily growing since its initial publication […]

Hoot The Book

So this book might have been published 10 years ago, but it has definitely stood the test of time. After all, filling porta-potties with alligators never ages. Written by the one and only Carl Hiaasen (author of Sick Puppy, Scat and Chomp), Hoot tells the very quirky tale of the new kid (we can all […]

Popar Augmented 3D Reality Books

For a lot of kids, books are a mixed bag: they are the key to unlocking a whole world of information, to exploring the mysteries of everything around them, and unlocking fabulous worlds of adventure. But reading can also be hard, especially with so many loud and bright distractions competing for attention. TV, the internet, […]

Instant Iron-Ons by Julia Rothman

There’s nothing worse than showing up to a birthday party and seeing your archenemy wear the same outfit as you (trust us, we’ve been there). So what’s the solution? Making clothes out of curtains like Maria? Creating an outfit out of aluminum foil? We don’t recommend any of these. Making clothes out of curtains takes […]

Nicholas by Rene Goscinny

Reading American novels is so passé, right? Then why not consider introducing your little bookworm to a French tale that’s been around since the 50’s, because, after all, the 50’s was the coolest decade (so our parents tell us), filled with Hollywood glamour and “hep” music. Nicholas is the book. A bestseller since its 1959 […]