Tushes & Tails (Nature Lift-the-Flap Books)

As a parent, you have to swallow a lot of your own pretense, and one of the first obstacles to overcome may very well be admitting that butts are kind of funny. Not funny ha-ha to us (maybe), but they are absolutely hilarious to kids. Just saying, the word is likely to crack up any […]

Cathead Neechee Baby Blanket

As a darker and artier version of our favorite cartoon introvert Daria, Emily the Strange continually exudes the same negative demeanor, cynical attitude, and penchant for punk and goth that she has since her first appearance in the early 1990’s. Starting off as a mascot for skateboard stickers distributed to record stores, Emily’s fandom developed […]

Punk Princess Cat

Let’s face it, kitties would be way more hardcore if they all had pink fur and the word “PUNK” embedded on their bodies, right? Right. Unfortunately, though, this isn’t the way things work in nature. Most kitty kitty meow meows don’t really feel comfortable wearing polka dotted neckties or bows in their hair, they’d rather […]