How To Raise The Next Dana Scully From The X-Files

Last week we launched a new series called How To Raise Your Child To Be A Real-Life Fictional Hero. This week we selected FBI Agent Dana Scully from the classic SCI-FI drama The X-Files. The award-winning series ran nine seasons, birthed two movies and garnered a slew of fans. Every week, families huddled together to […]

Sunprint Paper Kit

Ah, sunprints. Able to turn even the most novice artist/botanist into an apparent genius. All one has to do to appear like they have achieved mastery in still life art is to place an object (often a leaf/plant), onto the special sun paper, put it outside for a bit and wait. Once the sheet has […]

Chem C100 Test Lab

When I was in highschool, I absolutely hated memorizing the periodic table. However, I really enjoyed all the lab work. Your child might be a little too young for bunsen burners, but there is no reason that she cannot begin learning about chemistry. Introducing the Chem C100 Test Lab, a science kit designed for kids. […]