“Tales of the Family Ashe”: Continuing the “Princeless” Legacy

I’ve talked before about how much I enjoy Princeless. The series is fantastic, feminist and hilarious, awesome for young girls and moms alike. Recently, though, I got to check out the spin-off books including Tales of the Family Ashe. I still love the series, and the spin-off is great, with a few minor concerns. We’ll get […]

Kids Will Love Jason Horn’s Mutant Dino “Ninjasaur”

Ninjasaur is a book that knows what it is: an action-packed series made to entertain without any lessons or ulterior motives. The premise — a ninja plus a dinosaur — is awesome, simple and fun. And the characters are entertaining and colorful making the comic perfect for kids. Ninjasaur Volume 1 by Jason Horn introduces […]