Hey Kids, Grow Your Own! (Mushroom Garden, That Is)

It’s planting season, which for kids usually means: dig dirt, put seeds in, water, and like Toad in Frog and Toad Together, they wait and wait and wait and wait. Now, if Toad had simply chosen to grow mushrooms, the story would have gone a little differently. Toad would have seen growth within a couple […]

Star Wars Cookbook

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, someone came up with Wookiee Pies and had the foresight to write down the recipe for future bipeds that consume organic matter to survive. The pies and other delectable recipes can be found in the second Star Wars Cookbook. Sixty-four pages of deliciousness, packed […]

Moulin Roty Baking Set

Give your child a cookie and she’ll eat for a day; give your child a Moulin Roty Baking Set and your entire family will eat goodies for a lifetime. These days, cooking is as popular a pastime with kids as baseball or gymnastics. It comes as no surprise that Moulin Roty (a French company founded […]