A Crafty Enterprise: “Star Trek Cross-Stitch”

Star Trek fans who want to get crafty with their kids will love the new book, Star Trek Cross-Stitch: Explore Strange New Worlds of Crafting. Contained within this 134-page book are 38 projects, 30 of which are considered regular projects as there are pictures of the finished pattern. Eight are considered bonus patterns, as the book only […]

Find and Make Elephant

So the environment means a lot to you, eh? You’ve got a weekly recycling routine and there’s no way you’d catch the kids not separating the milk cartons from the cardboard boxes, or carrying plastic grocery bags around town. Every little bit helps, we know. So we’ve searched high and low for a toy that […]

Weaving Loom

Have you ever noticed how, at a certain point, artsy folks began modeling their lives after those of 19th century pioneers? Is it nostalgia? Is it a desire to return to the ‘authentic’? Truthfully, no one understands. But that won’t stop the world from producing awesome toys that enable us to maintain the veneer of […]

Geek Dad: Projects and Activities to Do With Your Kid

Let’s talk about you for a second, nerd dad: you’re probably in your late twenties to late thirties. Your parents were baby boomers, you’re a Gen-Xer or an older millennial, and you’re trying now to sift through the cacophonous noise of your childhood to filter the real experiences you had with your parents from the […]

Wu & Wu Bead Set

Artisanal tendencies can be encouraged from a young age. Though your child won’t actually be making these beads him/herself, they will be able to create a funky and unique design using Wu and Wu’s Bead Set. Will they feel as though they are walking through a hallucinogen-inspired forest scene like the one on the tin’s […]

Rock Fashion Studio

David Bowie wouldn’t have been nearly as cool in the 70’s if not for all his glitter rock adornments. But really, minus all the shiny, futuristic everything Bowie wore, Ziggy Stardust would be a tad bit confusing to comprehend. We’d all be collectively wondering why this dude in bell-bottoms and a tie-dyed shirt is singing […]