Why Your Kids Should Watch “Land of the Lost”

Long before the very funny Will Ferrell decided to destroy the memory of a ’70s classic with a horrible remake, Sid & Marty Krofft’s Land of the Lost was breaking ground and blowing our tiny minds. Despite its limited budget, the show managed to create an epic prehistoric landscape in which a fragmented family battles dinosaurs, unseen […]

Dino Stuff for Your Mini-Paleontologist

Does biostratigraphy excite you? Actually, let’s back up. Do you know what biostratigraphy is? When watching The Land Before Time with the kids, does it annoy you that the dinosaurs are all from different time periods — Apatosaurus and Stegosaurus from in the late Jurassic period, while Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus existed in the late Cretaceous period […]

Kids Will Love Jason Horn’s Mutant Dino “Ninjasaur”

Ninjasaur is a book that knows what it is: an action-packed series made to entertain without any lessons or ulterior motives. The premise — a ninja plus a dinosaur — is awesome, simple and fun. And the characters are entertaining and colorful making the comic perfect for kids. Ninjasaur Volume 1 by Jason Horn introduces […]

Jurassic Jr. Dinosaur Onesie

Contrary to the vivid imaginations of your children, not all dinosaurs existed at the same time. Even though dinos are totally awesome, there’s actually a science to it. Unfortunately, that means your kid’s dreams of a knock-down, drag-out battle between all of his or her dinosaur action figures isn’t actually based in reality, but who […]

Rockasaurus Rex, The Big Bang!

Rockasaurus Rex is the greatest metal band of extinct, prehistoric creatures there’s ever been, or ever will be for that matter. With their line-up consisting of (lead singer/guitarist) Rex, (bassist) Bones, (drummer) Sara Tops and (guitarist) Screech, Rockasaurus Rex is a hard rock band with metal influences and folky textures. Rex’s gritty vocal style and […]

Irony Art Print

As a general rule, dinosaurs are not especially fond of asteroids. It is difficult to like something that’s responsible for the death of every last living member of your family, your species as a whole, and the destruction of most of life on Earth. But there’s just something so addictive about the old arcade game […]

Dinosaur Backpack

Ever popular responses whenever a child is asked what they want to be when they grow up: astronaut, policeman, dinosaur. While the first two take substantial work, education, and specialized training, becoming a dinosaur is as simple as slinging this dino daysack on your kid’s back and compelling them to roar at passing strangers. The […]