Theme Your Nursery Into A Scene From 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, published in 1870, is the fascinating undersea journey brought to us by Jules Verne. Credited as one of the original inspirations of the steampunk movement and brought to the big screen by Disney, this adventure forces man to confront his fears deep under the unexplored oceans using “futuristic” technologies. Jules […]

“Star Trek Craft Book”: Trekkie Crafts for the Entire Crew

Star Trek fans who are looking for summer projects to do with their kids will want to get The Star Trek Craft Book: Make It So! Contained in this book are 25 ridiculously awesome projects with very clear and easy to follow instructions. When my copy arrived, I could not contain my “squee” when I […]

A Crafty Enterprise: “Star Trek Cross-Stitch”

Star Trek fans who want to get crafty with their kids will love the new book, Star Trek Cross-Stitch: Explore Strange New Worlds of Crafting. Contained within this 134-page book are 38 projects, 30 of which are considered regular projects as there are pictures of the finished pattern. Eight are considered bonus patterns, as the book only […]

Remember: There is No “Bored” in Cardboard

Back in the day, when complex toys were less abundant and more expensive, kids were forced to operate with a hunter-gatherer mentality. Things like wall paper samples, old jars and cardboard boxes formed the heart of play, whether for pretend time, an enterprising kid business (i.e. a lemonade stand) or simply for making fun stuff. […]