Dragonslayer On DVD

Dragonslayer (1981) was a usual Disney/Paramount collaboration with decidedly un-Disney-like plot developments, despite a fairly formulaic set-up. Hero Galen (Peter MacNicol), inspired by Mickey Mouse as a wizard’s apprentice in Fantasia, is hardly a knight in shining armor, and any warriors who do enter the scene are so afraid of Vermithrax Pejorative – “The Wyrm […]

Dragon Silhouette Bookend Set

Fact: A respectable collection of fantasy literature needs a suitable set of bookends. Do you really want your signed hard cover of “Game of Thrones” pressed unceremoniously against a generic, plain bookend or, worse, whatever heavy object happened to be handy? Your complete annotated set of “The Lord of the Rings,” including “The Silmarillion,” of […]