Punk Rockabilly Pink Tattoo Kimono Dress

Punk Rockabilly Pink Tattoo Kimono

A little girl wearing a dress is the same thing as a little boy dressing up like a superhero: it’s exciting, eventful, worn outside the house, and subject to commentary from strangers (which is a good thing). Wearing a dress as a little girl is so cool. You can twirl around for hours, run amuck […]

Girl Power Dress

It’s no secret that the comic-book world has mostly male superheroes, but why should the boys have all the fun? Your daughter’s a pretty tough cookie, too! You don’t want her to think she can’t grow up to fight evil, do you? Well, here’s a dress for her that celebrates some of the most beloved […]

Black Zebra 3 Tier Skirt

We admired Ann and Nancy Wilson, Deborah Harry, and Stevie Nicks for their famously fierce, yet feminine looks. They showcased glamor-meets-rock gladiatrix style for generations of girls. I think they would all approve of this Black/Hot Pink Zebra Skirt from Baby Threads By Liz over at Etsy (and although they would possibly want their own, […]

Purple Haze Flannel Dress

The 1960’s were all about peace, love, and understanding. It was about experimentation in ways that were sexy and dangerous. It was about rebellion against authority, and fighting the good fight against the man, including your dad who was way too overbearing. It was about getting together and having a good time and driving around […]

Swan Dress

Remember Björk’s swan creation at the 2001 Academy Awards? How could you forget. Well, we’re proud to say that dress was auctioned off to charity and hopefully never to be seen again. But—wait for it!—the iconic swan hasn’t flown the nest just yet. This dress style has been completely revamped and is making a brilliant […]

Gothic Madeleine Dress

It’s always a good idea to have a hobby, or even several hobbies. Interests are important and without them we’d all be boring louts. That’s why record stores, comic book shops, and gothic dens are so cool to frequent: they satisfy our inner nerdom and cater to our impulsing desire for stuff we don’t necessarily […]