Punk Rock-a-Bye Baby: Drum & Bib for Rocking Infants

Music is an integral part of any child’s development. You see it in the millions of music programs offered in communities everywhere — for young babies, toddlers and pre-tweens, whose parents wish to incorporate music into their children’s lives. You also see this whenever a little cherub happens to bang on stuff. Unlike cats, who […]

Hit the Drums! Print for Your Little One’s Drum Room

There are two things my daughter loves: animals and music. Well, a little backstory might be in order here. Dad (that’s me) is a musician and he (me) has been involved in the animal rescue and welfare movement since he (I) was in college. (To spare anymore pronounal confusion, Dad will henceforth refer to himself […]

Rock Out Drum Kit T-Shirt

Drummers are the unspoken backbone to every band. They’re the ones who keep the rhythm section intact, and are the only members who make sweating profusely look cool and socially acceptable. They’re important, and without their ability to produce insane sounds through two wooden sticks we wouldn’t have rock ‘n’ roll, and without rock ‘n’ […]