Castle Ravenloft Board Game

Ravenloft was one of my favorite Dungeons and Dragons campaign settings growing up. I’m a sucker for all things gothic horror in my role playing games, and it’s likely we share that love for the setting, since you’re reading this. Ravenloft had everything: a haunting, fog-covered land, an evil count, and a love story (in […]

Dungeons and Dragons Drizzt

Dungeons & Dragons has managed to lay claim to a monopoly of nerds for several generations, and now they’re reaching out their little dice tentacles to ensnare another generation. For those familiar with the typical Saturday D&D get together, this board game will be simple and easy to grasp. The rules are markedly similar, as […]

My First D & D Dice

Get ‘em started while they’re young! Generally bad advice when referring to smoking, alcohol, or any of the countless vices that humanity so enjoys, but the motivation to pass our love of nerdiness to our children is too tempting to resist. Gaming cannot wait for them to develop the coordination needed to shake, rattle, and […]

Level 1 Human Baby Onesie

How many times do you come across an NPC that is an infant while playing Dungeon and Dragons? Babies in traditional pencil-and-paper rpgs are normally eaten by trolls or kidnapped by goblin kings that masquerade as David Bowie. Just because your kid would rather slobber on dice than roll them doesn’t mean they should be […]