Sesame Street- Rock & Roll

The longest running children’s television show in history is none other than the PBS monarchy, Sesame Street: a great source of comfort and forever a pillar of many a childhood memory. Even as an adult, when flipping through channels trying to find the latest episode of that show about serial killers, coming across your old […]

The Triplets of Belleville

Sylvain Chomet’s The Triplets of Belleville is somewhat of a trippy little flick, pardon the pun. With very little dialogue, but an arresting soundtrack of Frenchified jazz sounds, this film will captivate you and your child. (You can watch again later in a wine-induced haze, and wax poetic about the multiple meanings and layers behind […]


It’s easy to delight both children and adults, when serving up a 3-D animated feature with songs recorded by pop artists, jokes full of innuendos that go way over your kids’ head, and celebrity voiceovers. But the simplicity of Polish cartoon Reksio, which aired over the course of nearly 20 years, from 1965-1988, is what […]

White Mane

White Mane is a French flick from the 1950s that might very well be an allegory for your own life. The film follows the story of White Mane, a wild horse roaming free in the Camargue region of France. White Mane, a rebel who–even when captured in body–could never be captured in spirit. That is, […]

Riff DVD Music Trivia

When you get to be like, a 12-year-old little kid, winning is your aim. You wanna be the best at whatever and you’ll stop at nothing to get there. You’re also as a brat who thinks they know it all (and that’s TOTALLY endearing–when it comes to kids–for adults it’s pretty off-putting). Games (ie: board […]

The Gruffalo

Imagine a grizzly bear crossed with a buffalo. Know what you’d get? Well, isn’t it obvious? A gruffalo, of course. Julia Donaldson and her incredible, somewhat-dark-somewhat-genius imagination came up with the concept of the gruffalo and wrote a little book about it back in the 90’s (aka “the good old days”). You might’ve heard of […]