5 Awesome “Jack’s Big Music Show” Moments

Nick Jr.’s short-lived but totally awesome Jack’s Big Music Show was a gem in a sea of kids-show drivel. Though driven by three puppets — Jack, Mary and doggie Mel — the show featured in-the-flesh guests who brought their favorite instruments and genres to jam with Jack. Jack’s Big Music Show only ran from 2005-’07, but its […]

D.I.Y. Terrarium: Science in a Glass Case

These are terrariums. This is a nerd. Nerd + Terrarium = Nerdarium! Now we’re not talking about sprouts in a cup. We’re talking about using our nerdy obsessive tendencies to creating a tiny universe unto itself. Muahaha! It doesn’t actually take an omnipotent green thumb to create your own little ecosystem. Terrariums are easy to put together, […]

The Doubleclicks Release “Lasers and Feelings”

Over on the West Coast, if you’re part of geek culture, you’re familiar with the singing and songwriting sisters The Doubleclicks. The Portland-based duo has played at geeky venues across the country, including w00tstock at San Diego Comic-Con and Emerald City Comicon in Seattle. If this is your first time hearing about Angela and Aubrey […]