Outie Splat Mats

Outie Splat Mats

It’s all well and good to place your baby on your fluffy white living room rug and let them roll around to their heart’s content, but sooner or later you’re going to find yourself cleaning one of four or five infant bodily fluids off your previously pristine flooring. It’s not a secret: babies are a […]

Organic Ava Dress

UGG Boots. Jeggings. And — oh goodness — the sequins. As I search for a perfect holiday outfit for my 18-month-old daughter, I am bombarded by Marilyn Monroe glitz and the kind of va-va-va-voom-ness that, in my humble opinion, belongs far away from a little girl’s wardrobe. This, I hear, is just the tip of […]

Green Toys Salad Set

Kids not eating their greens again? What’s new? Don’t worry — it’s got nothing to do with your presentation, or your choice of veggies. It’s just a kid thing. They’ve got a secret underground Say-No-To-Salad club and if they want to remain childlike and accepted by all their pint-sized peers, they’ve got to, you know, […]

Clementine Natural Art Markers

Throw in the phrases “all natural” and “non-toxic” and you’ve sold us, hook, line and sinker. While most of us probably grew up on Cheetos and YooHoo and happily sniffed our chemically enhanced markers (or glue), that would never do for our kids. That’s why Clementine’s natural markers, made with plant and mineral pigments, are […]

Storyland Yoga DVD

Everything in the home is organic, from those homemade smoothies to your kiddo’s school socks. So we couldn’t think of anything more fitting than the Storyland Yoga DVD to get your active eco-conscious child connecting with their inner self, while learning how to help the planet. The winner of 4 national awards, Storyland Yoga won’t […]