Brainetics Math and Memory System

Brainetics Math and Memory System is a series of interactive educational DVDs aimed at teaching your children more effective ways to process math problems and equations than the standardized methods. By involving both halves of one’s brain at the same time, the ability to process math is strengthened, allowing for quicker cognition, and better deduction […]

Meade Model 900X Microscope

There seems to be quite a bit on emphasis on scientific and chemical work in the media lately. We’ve got a blood spatter analyst who moonlights as a serial killer, dozens of shows involving different combinations of letters doing criminal investigations, and more than one reboot of a classic high-functioning sociopathic detective. Each and every […]

Big World Map

One of the quickest ways to convince others that your education is lacking is to prove your ignorance of basic geography. Whether it’s finding your hometown on a map or naming the seven continents, everyone should have a good grasp on where they are in the world. As adults, we often take this information for […]