How To Raise A Guitar God

Any parent in their right mind would dissuade their child from taking up a career in rock-and-roll. Aside from the obvious evils of such a pursuit — drug addiction, sexual promiscuity, perennial Neanderthalic mental state — you’re setting your child up for a lifetime of personal disappointment and severely stunted income. Push them into cosmology […]

The Rebel Guitar Plushie

If instruments served as pillows, musicians cooped up in smelly modes of transportation for a week could actually rest their drunken heads on something other than a pile of puke or a bandmate’s feet. They’d certainly be comfier, cozier, and less disgusting when they’d wake up. As an alternaparent/musician, perhaps puke-as-a-cushion was something you used […]

Guitar String Lights

Aside from the various “College” and Bob Marley posters on the walls, the second most important item in decorative dorm room accouterments are the lights. Those twinkling, multi-colored lights strung up along the wall creates a mood in any college-living environment, or off-campus apartment building. They’re a fun addition that adds so much to your […]

Schoenhut 6-String Guitar

Novelty guitars for kids are designed more for show than they are for tell, at least in a generalized sense. But Schoenhut’s “Next Generation” 6-stringed guitar is anything but a novelty item. This instrument is made with the mentality that future guitar players would benefit from banging out chords on a quality-designed, hardwood guitar with […]