Ety Kids Headphones

Ety Kid Earphones

Few will deny that the world has changed. Since the influx of technology, the internet has catapulted us to unimaginable levels of connectivity — shaping and forming us into the online addicts we are today (who just can’t get enough kitty videos). We use the internet to do our jobs, keep in touch, and make […]

Retractable Owl Earbuds

Owls… often perceived as symbols of wisdom, stoicism, and mysterious omniscience. Of course parents want to bestow their children with these qualities, and what better way to do so than by surrounding them with owlish tokens and gadgets? These twee little earbuds are compatible with nearly all digital music players, and feature a simple push […]

Skully Mobi Headphonies

“Awwww! Look at that little skull dude! He’s SO cute! Wait, are you kidding? He’s actually a speaker? Sweet. My little one will love this! They just love anything and everything skull-related. I wonder if I can take the little guy, too. Hmmm, yeah–duh–of course I can. He IS the speaker!” You’re totally going to […]