Jack and Meg Finger Puppets: Indie Rock at Your Child’s Fingertips

Oh, man, I almost fell out laughing when I saw these Jack and Meg White finger puppets, and then I remembered how much fun my daughter had playing with finger puppets when she was just a toddler. Of course, my kid had the middle-of-the-road variety. You know, giraffes, lions, monkeys. Crap like that. Well, we […]

I Love Indie Music T-Shirt

Pitchfork Music’s website has become the definitive, go-to place for the latest critiques and insights into our favorite indie bands.This is an ongoing problem for music magazines like Rolling Stoned and Spin, who have dwindled in quality over the past decade. They focused more on commercially successful music acts (like all that dubstep cripe), while […]

Sonic Youth T-Shirt

Every indie rocker kid (whether they are a hipster or not) felt a massive wave of shock, denial, and disbelief when they heard the terrible news about the split between Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon. Then came the next inevitable step: a race to every music website known to man for confirmation of the news. […]