Marvel Unlimited is the Perfect High-Tech Way to Tell Bedtime Stories

Finding the perfect bedtime story can be hard, and ultimately even kids will grow tired of listening to the same story over and over. Meanwhile buying new books can break your bank, and there’s still no guarantee your ravenous young readers won’t tire of them quickly. Luckily Marvel Comics has a solution with Marvel Unlimited. Marvel […]

Lightboard for iPad

Griffin LightBoard Case

The other day at the doctor’s office, I witnessed a young mom do everything short of juggling to keep her tantrum-throwing toddler daughter from ripping every framed watercolor off the wall. As most of us know, we become much better at withholding judgment once we enter parenthood. There’s some kind of parental karma at work […]

Game Changer For iPad

Disclaimer: You’ll need an iPad to use the Game Changer. Caveat: We’re all nerds here – you probably already have one. The Game Changer is an interesting component: plug your iPad into the folding game board, and then lay the supplemental game maps over the pad to expand its interactive touch surface. As play pieces […]

Crayola Color Studio HD

You’ve probably got some fond memories of coloring, whether you were caking on thick layers of Burnt Umber and True Blue on scrap paper at your grandma’s house, or just making masterpieces during free time in first grade. Either way, you remember with equal clarity these humble beginnings to your artistic aspirations, and the smell […]

The Arcadie

Do you ever watch your children play games on their iPhone, fingers gliding across the screen with the greatest of ease, and feel nostalgic about your time spent in the arcades? Do you ever wish that your children could experience the tactile glee of mashing big red buttons furiously or yanking the joystick frantically to […]

Survivor for iPad

The iPad has changed the way we (and our tech-savvy kids) surf the internet, view pictures of cats, and play games. I don’t know if it is an important technological advancement or a $600 Facebook machine. The iPad is one of the few machines that keeps you in the bathroom until your legs go numb. […]