Bridging the Cultural Gap with Mashup Tees

If you’re anything like me, your “five minute” Internet break almost always ends up being an accidental trip down the geek-culture rabbit hole. Last week I was doing some research for another story, and I came across this Lego Star Wars Beatles Abbey Road Mashup Tee.   “Holy crap,” went my inner monologue. I’ve seen […]

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Have you ever wondered where Link stores all of his gear while traveling across Hyrule in search of any number of objects, including Triforce pieces, pendants, maidens trapped in crystals, map parts, or sacred flames? He doesn’t have a backpack on him, so that’s ruled out. We could get into more complex theories, like whether […]

Legend Of Zelda Wind Waker Link Plush

Kind of how butterflies can taste with their feet, very young babies explore the world with their mouths. They will stuff absolutely anything in their gob, leaving it behind in a pool of slobbery goodness once they’ve ascertained that something is either inedible or too large to actually cram in their pie hole. As such, […]