Skull Leg Huggers

Similar to the pair of Boo! Leg Huggers recently featured on Nerdy With Children, these delightfully ghoulish seasonal leg warmers are covered in multicolored human skulls. Spooky! Even though we’ve already celebrated the rising of dead souls to Earth, and party-heartied with zombies and witches and Dracula, what better way to alleviate the stress of […]

Boo! Leghuggers

‘Tis the season for covering our faces with cheap makeup, dousing ourselves in fake blood, and wearing Halloween-themed anything and everything. As the Pagan holiday descends upon us, (and as we crank out our Ministry albums, and illegally download cult classics like Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street), apparel with spooky pumpkins, ghosts, ghoulies, and […]

Hard Rock Leg Warmers

Toddlers (and those who’ve recently graduated from toddlerdom) are picky little people. They’re picky about their food, picky about what they do, and picky about what they wear. It can be stressful, but at least they know what they like and what they don’t like and make no qualms about letting you know. It shows […]

Woodcutter’s Forest Leg Huggers

If you think about tragic aerobics videos from the 80s when legwarmers are mentioned, it’s time for us to have a little chat. Because it’s all about the legwarmers this season. But beware! You can pick the wrong kind of legwarmers for your child. Iif you do, there will be hell to pay. So scoop […]

Byzantine Leggings By Thief and Bandit

The truth is this: you can dress your child in bunnies, frogs, ladybugs, or trucks. Or you can dress them in these Byzantine leggings that will leave the uncultured masses thinking “I don’t get it.” Do you really know what prints and styles denizens of the Byzantine era wore? Ok, well, probably so. Are these […]

Knit Denim Jeggings

Skinny jeans are so in, but ever notice how uncomfortable they are? Of course, being a fashion diva, you won’t mention just how irritating it can be to wear them sometimes (or how difficult it is to get them off), but kids will! So how do you get your little girl to wear fashionable skinny […]