Bridging the Cultural Gap with Mashup Tees

If you’re anything like me, your “five minute” Internet break almost always ends up being an accidental trip down the geek-culture rabbit hole. Last week I was doing some research for another story, and I came across this Lego Star Wars Beatles Abbey Road Mashup Tee.   “Holy crap,” went my inner monologue. I’ve seen […]

A Preview of LEGO Marvel Superheroes

Remember when LEGO bricks were just … bricks? Yeah, me neither. The fully licensed LEGO Hogwarts and hobbit holes perching proudly on your kids’ shelves make the red plastic loose-brick bucket seem like the mascot of a bygone era. As if the classic builder’s toy hasn’t changed enough in the last half century, LEGO has […]

Batman Lego Dream Kids Pajamas

Batman Lego Pajama Set

Bat-nanas in pajamas are coming down the stairs! You’re right, that was bad. Let me try again… My wife has a reputation in our family as a pajama connoisseur. Her collection is vast and impressive, representing fabrics and styles and seasons beyond my power to articulate. And as can be expected, she has passed this […]

DUPLO Early Simple Machines III Homeschool Pack

Simple Machines III Homeschool Pack

It’s never too early to start your kids on machinism. Okay, that came out wrong; I don’t condone any underage workers slaving away in an underground workshop. What I mean, is that kids who are growing up can learn much from designing and constructing machines, and the Duplo Early Simple Machines III Homeschool Pack is […]

Lego Black Flag Kids T-shirt

Lego Black Flag Tee

A recognizable band logo is important for successful image creation. Every year, big, corporate record labels spend cajillions of advertising dollars to ensure you, the listening consumer, recognize their rock band brand as easily as you would fire or water. That’s why whenever we come across pictures of dancing tie-dyed teddy bears, guns and roses, […]

Lego Bowie Playsuit

Living life in the suburbs can be a real drag. Just ask David Bowie. Born David Jones, Bowie was tired of the bland livelihood of his suburban upbringing and escaped the teenage wasteland he was bred in to pursue a musical career that would eventually push him to the tippity top of the British charts […]

Lego Life of George

Somewhere between an app, a playset, and a game lives George. Lego Life of George comes packaged as a 140-brick Lego build set, so right from the start your kid gets a box full of Legos. Win! Next, it’s an app – a game specifically. On your smartphone, George goes about his business and encounters […]