Glow Brick Solar

Glow Brick Solar

Sometimes kids can be afraid of the dark. That’s okay, most of us were there sometime in our lives as well. There’s nothing wrong with being scared of something you don’t understand. Well, the dark can be a scary place , even when you get older. Fortunately, night lights have been staving off fear of […]

Guitar String Lights

Aside from the various “College” and Bob Marley posters on the walls, the second most important item in decorative dorm room accouterments are the lights. Those twinkling, multi-colored lights strung up along the wall creates a mood in any college-living environment, or off-campus apartment building. They’re a fun addition that adds so much to your […]

Blue Canary Night Light

Blue canary in the outlet by the light switch? Your little one wouldn’t sleep any other way. Not that you care. Sleep is overrated. (Or so you’ll keep telling yourself). These really sweet little nightlights, which are made in small batches by a huge TMBG fan, aren’t just a tribute. They are actually really cute, […]

Dreamlights Fireflies in a Jar

Like Eliot’s J. Alfred Prufrock, “I have seen the moment of my greatness flicker.” But what I rarely get to see flickering is an actual firefly. Where are all the fireflies? Still in hiding from the Bush administration(s)? Well, while Dreamlights Fireflies will never truly approximate the sweet experience of seeing a flying insect whose […]