A Preview of LEGO Marvel Superheroes

Remember when LEGO bricks were just … bricks? Yeah, me neither. The fully licensed LEGO Hogwarts and hobbit holes perching proudly on your kids’ shelves make the red plastic loose-brick bucket seem like the mascot of a bygone era. As if the classic builder’s toy hasn’t changed enough in the last half century, LEGO has […]

Iron Man Teaches Kids About Responsibility — Seriously

Learning responsibility, understanding that every action has consequences, is an important lesson for children to learn. But how to get a child to understand this? We have eons of parenting on which to look back, and somehow we still can’t figure out how to prevent kids from doing really stupid things. OK, that’s a little […]

Marvel Unlimited is the Perfect High-Tech Way to Tell Bedtime Stories

Finding the perfect bedtime story can be hard, and ultimately even kids will grow tired of listening to the same story over and over. Meanwhile buying new books can break your bank, and there’s still no guarantee your ravenous young readers won’t tire of them quickly. Luckily Marvel Comics has a solution with Marvel Unlimited. Marvel […]

Incredible Hulk Hero Clix

Incredible Hulk HeroClix

Odds are, your kids love superheroes. It’s hard not to, especially when they have parents who grew up with them, and likely have superhero related stuff all over the house. Not only that, but they have enjoyed a spike in popularity in recent years (something most of us are quite pleased with), making these characters […]