Scott Ian Action Figure For Your Tiny Anthrax Fan

If you read the title of this article and couldn’t wait to click and read, then you know why a Scott Ian Action Figure is important. The rest of you are thinking: “Who the eff is Scott Ian?” Well, he was only the founder of ’80s metal titans Anthrax, the crunchiest guitarist on the planet, co-founder of […]

NECA Iron Maiden Killers

Every Metal wild-child step the f**k up, we’re about to ride the turbulent skies on a flight of seismic proportions, one that makes it way through the heavens and all the way down to the lowest depths of hell. Yes, come along and pack nothing but your ferocious taste for whammy bars and electric guitars, […]

Heavy Metal Fun Time Coloring Book

Coloring and activity books are an integral part of a child’s evolution into adulthood, just like watching Sesame Street and blowing milk bubbles out of their nostrils. Without these vital elements to keep them preoccupied, who knows what might become of the world’s baby and toddler population. Maybe they’ll grow into pint-sized masses of frustration […]

“M” Is For Metal

ABC books for children are a dime a dozen. Some are boring, some are so-so, and occasionally, some will even wow you. For Metal parents, there is an ABC book out there worthy of the latter reaction. Without being overly childish (unironically speaking), “M” Is For Metal is a notable method for learning the fundamentals […]

Whitesnake Lil’ Rocker Onesie

Before Tawny Kitaen straddled those Jaguars suggestively in the video for “Here I Go Again,” Whitesnake was just a ho-hum side-project from the lead singer of a broken down 1970’s English Rock band. There wasn’t a whole ‘lotta hits produced from singer David Coverdale, and critics were all too quick to write off the former […]