“Don’t Starve” Has One Objective: Don’t Starve

MineCraft is currently the hottest video game for kids under 12 years of age. The originally touted “survival horror game” has evolved into an inexpensive virtual LEGO set. Children seem to be addicted to building castles, smelting ore and mining for lava. There’s even a short documentary that deals with the subject. Not only is the game smashing […]

Minecraft Guild T-Shirt

Let’s face it: Steve’s got it rough. Minecraft’s main character is plunked down in the middle of a hostile environment with no food, no tools, no shelter, and no source of energy. Oh, and when the sun sets, the world turns into a monster infested nightmare wherein he can’t walk five feet without something trying […]

Minecraft Periodic Table Youth Tee

Good games do not need good graphics. The recent surge in Indie Video Games has taught us this, and there exists no finer example than the massively popular Minecraft. If your kids don’t already play it, they should, as it’s both entertaining and educational. If they are playing the game, help them show off their […]

Creeper Tee

If you’ve ever played Minecraft then you probably love the Creeper. And by love, I mean fear him to death. Nothing says fun like exploring a dark cave when suddenly, zzzzzzzzzz—– KABOOM. Just like that, your belongings are gone and you have to respawn. Yes, the Creeper’s reputation earns him his name. Kids can be […]