5 Awesome “Jack’s Big Music Show” Moments

Nick Jr.’s short-lived but totally awesome Jack’s Big Music Show was a gem in a sea of kids-show drivel. Though driven by three puppets — Jack, Mary and doggie Mel — the show featured in-the-flesh guests who brought their favorite instruments and genres to jam with Jack. Jack’s Big Music Show only ran from 2005-’07, but its […]

The Doubleclicks Release “Lasers and Feelings”

Over on the West Coast, if you’re part of geek culture, you’re familiar with the singing and songwriting sisters The Doubleclicks. The Portland-based duo has played at geeky venues across the country, including w00tstock at San Diego Comic-Con and Emerald City Comicon in Seattle. If this is your first time hearing about Angela and Aubrey […]

In Memory of Devo Drummer Alan Myers

Press play on the video above before reading any further. Did you do it? Good. See that guy in the back there? Behind the drum kit? That’s Alan Myers. He died on June 24 from brain cancer. And he was probably the coolest drummer Devo ever had. The groove in this cover of the Rolling […]

IQ Kids Radio

5 Streaming Radio Stations for Kids

When I was little, kids radio meant Radio AAHS. Then there was Radio Disney. Aside from those two, kids radio meant whatever my dad wanted to listen to: Grateful Dead and Car Talk mostly. Radio Disney remains the best-known radio programming for kids, and that’s great. It’s nice that there’s kids radio at all, but […]