Pac-Man IR Racers

Pac-Man and Blinky have broken out of the confines of the maze, and into your home! The yellow chomper daringly zips through the rooms of your house, collecting many pellets, pieces of candy, and garbage on the floor, while trying to avoid being turned into ghost chow by his arch-nemesis, Blinky! While it doesn’t perfectly […]

Pacman Baby Bottles T-shirt

Babies and toddlers may not seem like they do a whole lot besides eat, poop, sleep, and eat some more, but they have an incredible superpower that can’t be matched by even the older, school-attending kids. In just a few years, they double and triple in size, gain amazing muscles and dexterity, and acquire language […]

Pac-Man Bank

Pac-Man is the ultimate consumer. His entire existence centers around eating what appear to be aspirin, with the occasional cherry thrown in. That’s it. That’s what he lives for. He eats so much that, if you get him excited enough, he’ll even eat his neighbors: a pack of friendly, happy-go-lucky ghosts who think they’re playing […]