Retro Superheroes: Remembering Our Childhoods With Our Kids

That’s the strange thing about superheroes, to me, anyway: There are so few “new” ones out there. Occasionally a genuinely new superhero will come along, with unique powers and an intriguing backstory. The Incredibles come to mind, that adorable family of reluctant superfreaks who save the planet in their own bumbling way. There’s Finn and […]

MyMimi Cassette Pillows for Hipster Kids (And Parents, Too)

I was fortunate enough to be a child in the greatest decade in human history: the ‘70s. Everything was coming together. The Vietnam War was ending, the Civil Rights movement was reaping its first wave of benefits, prog-rock and proto-metal were young and vibrant, and the clothes were awesomely garish. Free love (which I was […]

Mr. Robot Stuffed Pillow

Robots do so many things for us these days. They build our cars. They vacuum our floors. They explore our solar system. They seize control of our nuclear arsenals and crush all human resistance. But what about the softer side of our autonomous helpers? Learn what it means to bring a robot into your life […]

HoodiePillow Pillowcase

Hold onto your horses, parents. We’ve dug up the ultimate in pillowcases for the kids. Huh? What’s that you say? A pillowcase is just a pillowcase? Not when it’s a HoodiePillow™ Pillowcase! Kids can now take their favorite item of clothing to bed in a pillowcase that oozes comfy, cuddly snugness, featuring an attached hoodie […]