Woodcut Monsters Wall Art

If you’re a Pokemon fan, chances are you amassed quite a few of the fire-breathing, water-gunning, razor-leafing creatures back in their heyday, and not just digitally. You took the phrase “gotta catch ’em all!” to heart with trading cards, shirts, backpacks, and action figures, too. How could any kid resist their allure? They were cute […]

Pokemon Hair Bow

Babies are cute enough on their own, but there’s no reason you can’t add a little extra flair to your nerdling’s apparel. What better way to up their squee factor whilst simultaneously expressing your love for gaming culture than by slapping a Pokemon-themed bow onto their still very squishy noggin. This little accessory is well […]

The First Pokemon Movie

Things that are terrifying: Spiders, clowns, and psychic, telekinetic cats. I shudder to think of the awful things my feline friend would force me to do. Endless chin rubs, Chilean sea bass breakfasts, a catnip garden grown in my closet. Oddly, the very first Pokemon movie dealt with these same issues. Well, sort of. The […]